Find out how to download and use Sandboxie in seconds

Constantly, in the Internet there are thousands of programs, which we do not know their origin, and therefore, we also do not know what it can cause in our computer at the time of executing it.

Sandboxie is one of the best options to keep your computer safe. Generally, it tends to happen that our computer acquires viruses, becomes slow to navigate, and eventually stops working properly.

According to this, Sandboxie is nothing more than a program that allows you to create test boxes to run programs safely, without affecting your operating system.

Without a doubt, it is a very interesting and useful option. Do you want to know more about how it works and how to download it? Keep reading!

How does Sandboxie work?

First of all, it is essential to know how this program works, to know what to do once we download it.

Sandboxie is a downloadable program for the PC, which allows you to create test boxes in order to test newly installed programs that may contain viruses or malware.

Basically, it is a tool that allows us to test and run programs in a remote way, because they do not run or interfere with the computer’s operating system.

Following this same order of ideas, using it is very simple. Once you have downloaded the program on your computer, you only have to access it by a simple click.

The first thing you will notice is that there are several buttons located at the top of the menu. You should press “Sandboxie DefaultBox”. Then, you must click on the option “Run in isolation in a Sandboxie”.

Next, new buttons will appear, among which you must click where it says “Desktop“. And finally, you must find the program, game or file you want to run in the Sandboxie box.

Download Sandboxie Online

Downloading Sandboxie online is very easy. The first thing you have to do is to enter their website. Once inside the page, it will be easy to locate a green button that indicates “Download“.

Generally, this is the safest and fastest way to download the software, since it is directly from the official site.


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