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In the technological world we live in, new versions and updates to our favorite programs are constantly being created. Following this idea, Sandboxie is one of the programs that has several versions.

This software is completely free, and additionally, it is very easy to install. Also, it can run on different devices, from Mac, IPhone, and of course, Windows.

Taking care of our computers is something elementary, and with Sandboxie this work will be possible. Do you want to discover how to download it in Windows? Find out its pros and modalities below.

Sandboxie for Windows

Initially, it should be noted that this program works in Windows in a very easy way.

Generally, when we navigate through Google, we download files, songs, videos and games, these elements tend to come with viruses installed, which, at a certain point change the operation of your PC, making it very slow and not very useful.

Sandboxie is a software that creates a “test box”. The purpose of the program is that you access it and, activating it, use it to run programs and games, whose origin may have contained viruses.

In this way, the games, files and programs run without having contact with the operating system of your PC, as the software serves as a “test box”.

Also, from your Windows computer you will observe several options in the menu of Sandboxie, where you will be able to select between “To execute from the Menu beginning” and “To execute for the Navigator“, among other options.

According to the previously mentioned examples, the option of “Run from the Start Menu” can be activated when we already have the game, program or file downloaded to the PC.

On the contrary, the option of “Execute for the Navigator” can be activated at the time of navigating.

It is necessary to emphasize that, the new version released on July 27th, 2020, is the ultra improved version 5.42.1, which is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2008, 2003 and 2000.

Advantages of Sandboxie for Windows

Security guaranteed.

– Protect your private documents.

Integration with the browser

– Accessibility to extensive equipment in almost all languages.

Download Sandboxie in Windows

Download now the Sandboxie Software for your computer, from its official website

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