The best alternatives to Sandboxie 2020

Sandboxie is one of the best programs to run games, files and applications safely, avoiding the fear that our computer will deteriorate with a virus.

However, in the world of technology and software development, there is another variety of programs that work in a similar way to Sandboxie, and therefore, have the same objectives: to take care of your computer.

In this way, you will find several software programs that protect, care for and allow your computer to navigate safely and install quality programs, without malware. If you want to know what these alternatives to Sandboxie are, read on.

Programs that are alternatives to Sandboxie

Now, as it is well known, Sandboxie is a software that allows you to test certain programs and games that have been downloaded from Google, separately from the computerโ€™s operating system.

Also, it can be activated to use it from the web browser, in order not to bring viruses to our PC. On the other hand, there are other programs whose functions are similar, and which are also a good option for you.


Initially, this is the software that most resembles Sandboxie, as it works in a very similar way.

Bitbox can be activated and used in your browser of preference, as it works as a โ€œBrowser in the Boxโ€.

In this way, youโ€™ll take care of your computer when accessing websites with viruses and malware, because the browser will be encapsulated inside a virtual machine (Box) and will not have contact with the operating system of the PC

Shade Sandbox

On the other hand, Shade Sandbox is an antivirus alternative. You can activate it and run it when you enter the Internet, and this software will automatically prevent pop-ups with viruses.

Shadow Defender

On the other hand, if what you want is software that is very easy to use and manipulate, this is the ideal option for you.

Shadow Defender is a program that will protect your computer from unwanted changes and viruses that are acquired online.

At the same time, it prevents additional programs from being downloaded while you are browsing.


Finally, Forticlient is nothing more than a free antivirus program, which promises to protect your PC against online vulnerabilities. In addition, it takes up very little space.

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