Use Sandboxie on your Iphone and Mac.

Most computer or technology lovers think that Sandboxie is a software only available for Windows. However,  this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sandboxie is a program that is available, and is compatible, with several computers, including Mac and Smartphones. Even creating a test box is very practical on Mac computers.

The software will prevent viruses and malware from interfering with your computer, and it is the safest way to try out games and programs recently installed from Google, which may bring threats. Find out below how to download Sandboxie on Mac and Smartphone.

Download Sandboxie on Mac computers

Sandboxie is a software easy to run on OSX computers, and its download is similar to that of a Windows computer.

Accordingly, it is always best to download Sandboxie for your Mac directly from the official website.

Although also, you can find the program on other websites, such as:

When you enter the website, you will see a green button indicating “Download”. In this option you can download version

Advantages of Sandboxie for Mac

On the other hand, if you still have doubts about what the software can do for you and your computer, here are some incredible advantages of Sandboxie:

– With Sandboxie you can run and test newly installed browser programs, without them running directly from your computer’s operating system.

– With Sandboxie you can navigate safely. Your computer will not be in danger of contracting malware online.

– You will be able to test new online video and movie sites and recommend them.

– It does not take up space on your Mac device.

– It works quickly.        

Sandboxie for Iphone and Android

Creating a test box for our Smartphone is a must. Mostly, our cell phones are more exposed to games and videos that have been downloaded from the internet.

Therefore, to ensure that our files are of quality, there is no better option than to test everything using Sandboxie.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this software can also be downloaded on IOS and Android computers.

Although it is true that you will not find these download options on the website, you can get it through other secure pages such as:

📲🌍 Don’t hesitate to download this fabulous program that works great as an antivirus. Take care of all your devices right now!


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